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The definition of cool.
Michael wants to be gogo because he is a loser who has no friends.
by Michael December 13, 2003
A Filipino martial art focusing on bare-handed techniques as well as fighting with weapons, especially sticks and knives. Kali is often called Escrima (Fencing) or Arnis (a name given by the Spanish to the decorations on the weapons). Kali places a great emphasis on wrist strength, dodging, mobility and smooth flow. Other main aspects are the implementation of articular levers and the study of the human body's pressure points. It is a very effective fighting style, using every part of the body as a weapon and ditching flashy techniques in favor of quicker, more straightforward ones which can provide fast kills.
"Karate is a one-on-one confrontation between two honorable fighters; Kali is war."
by Michael November 25, 2003
The King who should be honored greatfully.
I am K2, so be good and i wont hang you.
by Michael June 21, 2003
see "richierich"
see "richierich
by michael April 21, 2003
the most rillest, mufuckin illest DJ
Yo mufucka's, its richierich up in here
by michael April 20, 2003
1.my acquaintance, the mutated irish limited edition, deluxe one of a kind spoon.

2.Also the tick's battle cry.

3.Also inferior to the spork.

4.Inferior to the midget in minds
the mutated spoon, Nathan Carrick
by Michael March 30, 2005
A very sensitive and caring woman who accepts the emontions expressed by a gay man as sincere and not loaded with a sexual adgenda.
Doris Day and Rock Hudson
by Michael June 15, 2004

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