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307 definitions by Michael

It is the mixture of shit, cum, blood, and other secretions leaking from the receptive anus following a round of anal sex.
Damn Betty why dont you make some biscuits too go with your ass gravy.
by Michael December 11, 2003
the most rillest, mufuckin illest DJ
Yo mufucka's, its richierich up in here
by michael April 20, 2003
see "richierich"
see "richierich
by michael April 21, 2003
1.my acquaintance, the mutated irish limited edition, deluxe one of a kind spoon.

2.Also the tick's battle cry.

3.Also inferior to the spork.

4.Inferior to the midget in minds
the mutated spoon, Nathan Carrick
by Michael March 30, 2005
like or relating to that crazy gal on LunarForums
confused is a girl!!
by Michael January 17, 2005
A very sensitive and caring woman who accepts the emontions expressed by a gay man as sincere and not loaded with a sexual adgenda.
Doris Day and Rock Hudson
by Michael June 15, 2004
The definition of cool.
Michael wants to be gogo because he is a loser who has no friends.
by Michael December 13, 2003