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307 definitions by Michael

A Mexican who cooks tacos! AKA DIRTY MEXICAN!!
Any and all Mexicans not born in the United States!
by MICHAEL February 25, 2005
The abbreviation "bd" comes from the Age of Empires II Clan Highly Evolved. The word refers to a "ball dropper".

Argh, you bd so hard.

Confucious say, "Those who bd, also enjoy gay sex."

stfu. bd.
by Michael January 21, 2005
It is the mixture of shit, cum, blood, and other secretions leaking from the receptive anus following a round of anal sex.
Damn Betty why dont you make some biscuits too go with your ass gravy.
by Michael December 11, 2003
the douche equivalent to "ass hole"
Hey, asshole!
Hey, Douche Nozzle!!!!!
by michael December 09, 2003
refering to a person
you not like me duke
by Michael May 18, 2003
1. Senator, National Hero opposed to the war mongers in the white house
2. a flying thing
All hail Robert Byrd!
look theres a bird flying
by Michael March 05, 2003
A once cancelled t.v. show that has just been re-aired on Fox. Family Guy is a comedy revolving the Griffins family. Peter is the main character who acts dumb, Lois is the mother/wife of the house who often tries to reason sitituations, Brian is the talking dog who acts like an adult, Chris is the fat son who acts just as dumb as his father, Meg is the daughter who is self conscious about herself, and Stewie is the smart talking baby who hates his mother and plans to conquer the world.
Lois: Did you paste your picture over our wedding portrait?
Peter: Yeah, I think it looks better.
Lois: You pasted it over mine.
Peter: Yeah, I think it looks better.
by michael June 02, 2005