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Derived from the image of an actual cock snoring. One who is an idiot/moron/tool or just a plain pain in the ass.
Jim: Hey Bob, wanna go to the movies tonight?
Tom: No Jim, I have to eat dinner with my parents.
Jim: You're such a fuckin cocksnore.
by Michael March 11, 2003
1. n- a facial expression or slight laugh of subtle sarcastic intrest used to insult
2. v- to make a subtle refrence to a figment of eightie's culture through early world history, governemt, economics or philosophy
3. n-a humorous early world history, governemt, economics, and philosophy teacher
1. The luffman he gave the student during her rambling was quite amusing
2. His luffman to Higlander during Middle Ages class was highly comical
3. Since he was an infant, Mackey had aspirations to become a high school luffman
by Michael February 21, 2005
The result of anal sex (giving, not receiving).
I have a severe case of poopdiculitus after having fucked James in the ass.
by Michael February 14, 2005
Australian. Blue singlet usually worn with boardies and thongs. Accompanied by a tinnie.
Nice wife beater mate
by Michael November 10, 2004
A free Internet service located at www.bugmenot.com that provides a user-created databse of logins and passwords for various websites.

Bugmenot is excellent to use sites that force you to register before using them, such as the New York Times website.
Thank god I was able to use bugmenot to read the New York Times article online.
by Michael September 27, 2004
A military word in which each letter stands for a word that stands for Who Really And Truely Gives A Shit.
I'm tired of this meeting, the speaker is full of wratgas.
by Michael February 18, 2004
(n) Old British slang for Pre-ejaculate, pre-cum, or any residue from having ejaculated or urinated.
I had a wet spot on my shorts from making so much puppy juice.
by Michael February 13, 2004
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