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Mangaka, author of many successful shonen-ai such as "Video Girl Ai", "DNA2" and "I"S". His art is amazingly good, his stories talk about young 16-year olds with sentimental problems.
Masakazu Katsura created Ai and just for that he should be made a saint.
by Michael November 25, 2003
1. Any female named megan who thoroughly enjoys getting fucked up and puking at houses the first tme she goes there.
2. Girls named megan who like to drink out of kegs...........and puke.
3. Any girl named megan who drinks too much, pukes and then tries to get with all your friends.
"Hey Scott, dont tell kegger about the party ok, you know what happened last time." "Oh you mean when she when she tried to do a keg stand by her self, fell over and dislocated her leg, and then vomited all over eneryone, and still tried to get on Kyle." "Yeah thats what I mean"
by Michael April 09, 2005
a special partner/lover (i.e. friend with benefits); Amber Bennett's boyfriend
"Is that Amber's sparter?"
by Michael February 06, 2005
Most commonly associated with homosexuality. He is a boy who changed his favorite sports teams when he moved to a different state. He spents most of the day licking his testicles and watching gay pornography. He also spends time masturbating to the game Final Fantasy.
1. "Hey, that gay guy over there licking his balls acts like Winston."
2. "Hey, look at that guy play Final Fantasy and stroking his small penis. He is just like Winston."
by michael November 27, 2004
a fast style of music created most of the time by 3 chord progessions.

bands that fall into the punk rock genre are the sex pistols, the clash, the ramones, iggy pop and the stooges, the buzzcocks etc.

bands that do not fall into the punk rock genre are led zeppelin (someone said this in an earlier post, they are hard rock, not punk rock), good charlotte, blink 182, avril lavigne, simple plan, sum 41 etc.
sheena is a punk rock-er.
by michael May 24, 2004
worse than fuck, like triple fuck
you smash your hand with a hammer so you jump around saying fuckety fuck fuck
by michael October 29, 2004
The main superhero on "Cow & Chicken"
by Michael May 07, 2003
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