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A series of numbers begining with -----Shwam doo two and hief scheven schfourteen-teen schwentyone schwentyscheven hief 27 37 !!!!!!!WHAT YOU SAY!!!!!!!
girlfriends age is schfiftyfive!
by Michael May 12, 2004
1. The codename for the Allied advance into France through Normandy, a province of France.
Operation Overlord was a very successful mission.
by Michael November 13, 2003
The art of being a complete dumbass while being ignorant of the fact that you are a dumbass.
I can't believe what Kenny just did, what a fagor!
by Michael September 25, 2003
A program that can ban someone from an AIM chat room when told to by an OP or Owner.
This is JUST an example, I do not have these screennames.

Me: Ban noob
Noob has left the room.
MyAOL: Uccom > Ban > Noob, Ban 2
by Michael June 26, 2006
V. Big Ballin

Made up by E-40 Belafonte
Its Self Explanitory
by Michael March 22, 2005
A fagget, a homosexual, or a really lame acting person.
That gay guy is a total quere.
Look how he is dressed. What a quere.
by Michael July 03, 2003
1. Any female named megan who thoroughly enjoys getting fucked up and puking at houses the first tme she goes there.
2. Girls named megan who like to drink out of kegs...........and puke.
3. Any girl named megan who drinks too much, pukes and then tries to get with all your friends.
"Hey Scott, dont tell kegger about the party ok, you know what happened last time." "Oh you mean when she when she tried to do a keg stand by her self, fell over and dislocated her leg, and then vomited all over eneryone, and still tried to get on Kyle." "Yeah thats what I mean"
by Michael April 09, 2005

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