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Whatever practice society considers normal. It's something that a lot of people do only because everyone else does it (even though they don't realise it).
Women in the 19th century had hairy legs—not because they didn't have razors, but because it was the done thing.

Women in the 2000s have shaven legs—not because it looks or feels better, but because it is the done thing.

Women in the 2000s wear thongs—not because they are sexy, but because it is the done thing. If it was actually worn because it's sexy, it would have been done back in 1979.
by Michael March 19, 2004
Plural of duck, a breed of fowl that lives almost wholly atop freshwater lakes when not nesting, flying, or migrating.
Look! Out on the water! Ducks!
by michael November 11, 2003
A person of Native american decendency who renounces all negative connotations attached to the the misnomer American "Indian".
The skinjinz are now reassessing their current circumstance.
by Michael March 13, 2003
nig nug-derogatory term for someone acting a nigger, just a lot more niggerish.
"Hey dude, that sorry old nig nug has dingleberries in his hair!" OR "Man, you are being such a nig nug right now"
by Michael February 14, 2005
1. ip backwards
2. Paragraph
teacher: you need two ¶s to get a good grade
me: ok
*goes home to register 2 dns ips*
*the next day*
teacher: wheres you homework?
me: oh go to and!
teacher: but wheres your paragraphs
me: go to the first site it there
*teacher sees the welcome site and give me xtra credit for putting it on the internet.*
by michael June 28, 2004
name used by some of the coolest people in the world.
Kuck is so cool--he buys flowers randomly, makes sure everything is ok, and will drive you anywhere.
by michael June 05, 2004
An object comprised of two sheets of fabric stuffed with something soft and fluffy, to various degrees of comfort. Can be found on couches, beds, sofas, chairs, loungers, and even thrown on the floor.
Not having anything more dangerous at hand, I decided to throw a cushion at him.
by michael November 11, 2003

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