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A teeny-bopper version of VH1 for softcore wannabe's. Often play predominetly rap/ r&b and or softcore pop. People who watch MTV tend to be big fans of Britney Spears and other assorted teen sex idles.
Stupid Teeny Bopper Girl: The seventh grade girls at my school love watching Gwen Stafani's video "Hollaback Girl" on MTV. We love the fact that she left No Doubt. God, what took her so long?

Me: That's shit, man.
by Mich Elle June 26, 2005
One of the greatest characters in the book series Harry Potter. JKR, if you're out there, let it be noted that we want him to come back very, very dearly.

The late James Potter's best friend, he was made Harry's godfather. Unfortunantly, he was framed for the murder of fifteen people by Peter Petigrew, their once friend, who, in truth, handed the Potters over to Voldemort to begin with. Sirius was sent to Azkaban, where he remained for twelve years, untill he was able to escape and continue his godfatherly duties to young Harry, then in his third year of Hogwarts.

Pity, I hoped he would make a great return, in one form or another, in the latest book, Half Blood Prince, but once again, JKR let us all down.

Note: Every single person who A) Writes a fanfiction about Sirus being gay with anyone (the lsit goes on and on) or B) reads, therby supports, these peoples creations is a pervert. Don't mess with the characters like that... it's sick.

He's so not gay anyway. Neither is Lupin. And James couldn't possibly be...

just a whole bunch of fucking WEIRDOS!
Alright, alright:

Harry, not to mention poor Remus Lupin, was devatates after the Death Eater's attack on the ministry resulted in the death of Sirius Black, their good friend.
by Mich Elle July 29, 2005
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