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An injury sustained to the neck when you have to turn your head quickly to get a better look at a hot asian chick.

Also a way to point out that you have noticed a hot asian chick to your friends on the down low.
Oh man I got asian neck bad, did you see her ass?
Where? Oh shit my neck hurts man.

Asian neck 10 o'clock, see it?
Oh damn that hurts.
by MicahG5 March 08, 2004
when a girl wants you to give her your man meat.
Dude, Julie is totally hot, and I think she wants me to be her boner doner.
by MicahG5 September 15, 2004
when a girl, or perhaps a gay dude, really really want to get some dick. Also this word is a synonym of gagging for it.
Dude, Emiko was steamin' for semen last night. Yeah Dave could have been her boner doner.
by MicahG5 September 15, 2004
Someone who is really into Margwar, perhaps possibly a leader of some sort of group of black booted, black trench coat wearing ,comic book reading virgins...
I went to the magic the gathering club meeting last night and our leader Macphesto was telling us about the dwarven power crystal...

Macphesto is an example of a Captain Margwar
by MicahG5 October 19, 2004
Stuff having to to do with but not limited to: Star Trek, Babylon 5, farscape, RPG's, magic the gathering, gobblins, elves, Wizards, and pretty much everything on the Sci Fi channel. The only two notable exceptions are Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings, because those are bad ass...
I say to my roomate: "Smith quit reading your margwar bullshit and lets go to the bar and interact with 'Female Humans'" I think to myself: "Got that guy is so into Margwar he's like Captian Margwar"
by MicahG5 October 19, 2004
Nerdy stuff on the internet, like Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing games or RPG's Online Groups of people who get together to chat about magic the gathering...
My brother plays Everquest all day, he must spend like 18 hours a day on the internerdnet.
by MicahG5 October 19, 2004
The greatest group of badass motherfuckers ever assembled... Capable of amazing feats of drunken debauchery... Loved by all the chicks, feared by all the dick-weeds and haters.
The Fordham Five were at Doug-Fir last night, man they tore that fucking place up, those guys are so fucking cool...

Man I wish the Fordham Five would come to our party, they can make even the most boring time into a kick ass crazy go nuts party!
by MicahG5 January 05, 2005

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