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Caboose...that's it... just "Caboose"
Caboose, you team killing fucktard
by Micah October 22, 2003
some people believe this is Men in Black but we all know it is Micah Is black, yes its true.
you could say that Micah Davis of oakwood school is the MIB
by Micah February 18, 2005
The dirty fingers. Usually two, but some girls like more.
Your mom is so fat that I gave her a six pack of fishsticks!
by Micah January 19, 2004
the name my kid gave to his penis
by micah October 19, 2003
ggggg unit
i wish i was a part of g unit
Then I could say gggggg unit
I wish I could be like gunit
then I could say gggggg unit
I listen to gunit
I like gunit
I am gunit
This is how we do
by Micah February 18, 2005
Can be used expressively or as an interjection.
"Man! I can't believe that punk did that!"
by Micah February 16, 2005
of and or relating to sex and or sexual intercourse. comes from the sound of the horn of an old studenbaker.
"i havent got any awooga from her yet"
"I heard that they awooga"
by micah April 22, 2004

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