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Unit 23 is an elite combat unit with an impressive array of weapons and equipment. Revealed so far are its MK-IV Exofrag Cannon, EMP bombs, Funky Bombs, and missiles of unknown type and quantity, as well as nanolathing generators and heavy armour and EMP shielding. Unit 23 is the senior ranking survivor of the original battle with the Windowites and is therefore in command of Unit 42 and the rest of the taskforce (with the possible exception of Object). Unable to find its lost commander, Unit 23 is very gung-ho and anxious to continue the battle against the Windowites, but frequently underestimates the obstacles in its way.
Unit 23 has been fighting the Windowites since 2002.
by Mibbly January 23, 2004
To haze or to initiate a freshman student.
Whoa dude, did you just get freshied?
by Mibbly January 26, 2004

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