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A name for the Xbox 360 fanboys from 4chan's video game board /v/.

It comes from a combination of "Xbox" and the bro-complex of /v/. And so, Xbro was born. It was necessary to find a new name for the Xbox 360 fanboys, as its predecessor "Xbot" became a ban-word.
"So how are you enjoying your inferior console, Xbro?"
-Typical PS3 fanboy
by Miba November 02, 2009
The modern character design for just about every M-rated first-person-shooter and third-person-shooter video game. It involves a bald, ridiculously muscular alpha male (space) marine with a very manly chin. Usually the personality of your average badass war hero comes with this design.
Crysis. Gears of War. Killzone. GTAIV. Mass Effect. Space Marines. All big fans of the Bald Space Marines character design.
by Miba November 02, 2009
A buzzword used by people who can't come up with a valid and solid point for their choice of source of entertainment.
"Yeah whatever dude. I don't care if you think MW3 sucks. I'm having fun with it!"
by Miba November 13, 2011
1. An extremely, inconsiderate person most commonly associated with Harley riders.

2. A person who own or frequently rides a Harley.
Wow take a look at that fag. Jesus christ he's annoying.
by Miba November 08, 2009

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