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A Salomien is a ditsy flirtatious type of woman. Crazy as a bag of rabid cats, and likes to throw back a couple cocktails with the girls. Men are attracted to her, their wives, not so much. Attractive, fun loving, and mostly sweet.
Hey, he's married, dont pull a Salomien.
by Miauw Miauw February 05, 2010
the combination of two great intellects, combining to form an incredible omnipotent being.

there is nothing a Tanome cannot do, or does not know.

deserves but does not recieve an entirely seperate and additional paycheck.
This task is impossible, I wish we had a Tanome!

we must find a solution or the world will end? Bring me Tanome!
by Miauw Miauw February 05, 2010
A Karen is one who tries desperatley to hide her true Karenish behaviour. Eventually though, it will come out - her eyes glaze over, she loses focus and starts speaking Karenese.

Endlessly amusing, and fun to tease. The best colleague ever, because when yu blame her for something, she isnt sure that she didnt do it!
Hey, im talking to you, you doing a Karen?

I dont understand you, stop speaking Karenese!
by Miauw Miauw February 05, 2010
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