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when a guy puts his penis in a woman;s vagina.
John fumbled with his keys while holding the flowers he'd bought for his wife lily. it was valentines day. he opened the door to find lily staring straight at him wearing only underwear, with her hands covering her breasts.
"Ive been waiting for you."
Jon smiled nervously.
"I got these-" he held out the flowers but was interupted by lily's outburst. she pushed him on the bed (which somehow appeared) and stripped him down. she rubbed his penis slowly then she wrapped her mouth around it and sucked it until his cum exploded in her mouth. she applied a wet condom to his penis and took off her underwear. She bounced along his big dick until it was ramming smoothly in and out of her vagina.
"Oh yeah baby.... right there.." She moaned, hands full of hair.
John cupped her bottom as he pushed a little harder.
"ooh.. yeah.. uh uhu huh!!! OH GOD shit!!!" They were both reaching orgasm, which carried on until neighbors were complaining. fucking.
by Miasaslkgb n September 04, 2006

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