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Goddamn it, do we need another "boy toy" for the ADD-filled suburban preteen girls. especially one who has shallow lyrics, a high pitched voice, skater haircut, gangsta attitude etc.

Worse of all, there's these fangirls that exclaim "Like OMG, ur jus jealousz that ur not as popular as him" or "if you have nothin to say good about bieber, then dont say anything"

Duh, we have freedom of speech. Not everyone will like your new teen sensation, for fuck's sake. Besides, its not like you will marry him.

If he looked like Roseanne Barr, then I bet you won't be as obsessed. But hey, its not like he would be Michael Jackson. No he is not Stevie Wonder. I mean, your other favourite artist the Jonas Brothers, you compared Them to the Beatles but what happened? If he was real good, then why are his fans full of 10 year old girls and soccer moms? think about it.

Simple, we need LESS music that targets the Disney audience. And remember, Justin Bieber is to music as BP is to the global environment.
Belieber:OMG, Justin Bieber is the best singer ever. i will become Mrs. bieber. And all you boys will be jealous of him because he has 40 million preteen girls all over him, especially when he sings shallow songs about love. I mean he is the Music God! No, dont look at me funny. I know music. The more popular, the better, especially the jonas brothers, miley cyrus, taylor swift, etc. Yup Im a belieber.

Person That Has At Least Average Intelligence: Yep, you are smart. NOT!
by Miami BITCH January 13, 2012
GBD is a day when miami university (ohio) students, and the locals, get wastey pants off green beer. usually, everyone ends the night with the poops and all the sluts puke an unfamiliar green (pink and blue vom is usually in their repertoire.)
OMG I can't wait for Green Beer Day, I'm so totes going to puke on that guys crotch.
by miami bitch March 02, 2012

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