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She aint no damn man.. shes a straight up woman and the hataz can go f*** themselves cuz they mad cuz she look better than them and she aint no herm like them hataz is.. she can sing.. she aint ugly.. she has breast stupid ass people! and she is real talented and obviously she has to be when all them ppl like Lil Jon think so and named her 'Queen Of Crunk'wut about that bitch! She sings songs such as the following: Goodies; 1 2 Step; Oh; Thug Style; Lookin At You; Other Chicks; and so on..
"Ohhhh, down here we ridin slow.."
"I kno u want my goodies.."
"That girl aint right fo u, see im the type fo u"
"Let me c u 1 2 step!"
"Lookin at uuuu........"
"You changed the game, i like it thug style.."
by Mi Shawnee April 30, 2005

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