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When two or more friends who are meant to be lane swimming actually chat so much may as well be walking.
Woman 1 "Did you have a good swim at the pool today?"
Woman 2 "No, the pool was totally full of swim walkers blocking my way, why don't those swim walkers just go for a coffee if all they want to do is talk!"
#swim #walkers #swimwalkers #coffee #talk
by Mez1 June 05, 2011
When, having taken a sickie or made an excuse that you are ill when you are actually well to avoid work or a social event you then become ill soon afterwards and have to go to work or event when ill.
Woman 1"Why is Bill at work today when he is obviously ill?"
Woman 2 "Oh, he took a sickie a week ago to go to Glastobury festival and now he has a boomerang sickie. That's Karma for you"
#boomerang #sickie #glastonbury #festival #work #karma
by Mez1 June 05, 2011
Bedminster, the original part of Bristol, was set up as a hospital for People on a pilgrimage to near by Glastonbury, and if you go to Bristol in the summer you will see things haven't changed much. As the capital of the south west of Britain, home of stone circles and surfers, Bristol is a laid back place.

Bristol is home of the graffiti artist Banksy and experimental artist Damien Hurst, of the Harry Potter author and comedians Bill Bailey and Justin Lee collins. The drama department of Bristol university introduced the stars of Little Britain and it was in homage to this that Vikki Pollard has a Bristol accent. Bristolians are very proud of their vernacular and hence a series of tee shirts have been spourned with sayings such as "Gert Lush" and "Ow bist me babber", other graduates from Bristol Uni include Simon Pegg and the film "Hot Fuzz" filmed in near by Wells gives good examples of local dialect.
Where you too?" "I'm in Brizzle""Speak up me babber, I canse 'ere you" "I'm in Bristol England.
#gert lush #brizzle #babber #ow bist #banksy
by Mez1 December 12, 2010
When you are constantly blocked in a supermarket by chatting pensioners who have spread themselves and their trollys across the shopping isles with no regard for other shoppers.
Woman 1 "What took you so long, you only went out for a pint of milk."
Woman 2 "the Aisles of Asda were impassible due to the the whole store being backed up with Elderly jams."
#elderly jams #elderly #jams #asda #milk
by Mez1 June 05, 2011
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