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An expression of respect, approval, or recognition directed at a person, usually one who has achieved something noteworthy or completed a job well done. Comes from the similar-meaning phrases "kudos" and "props," which, when put together, create the phrase "Kudo-props," and hence, the rhyming "Judo Chops."
Dude, you just landed a date with Megan Fox?? Judo Chops!!
by mexicanjester July 02, 2009
A sex act wherein when you're doing a girl from behind, you suddenly give her a charlie horse in the thigh as hard as you can, making her fall to the ground. Then you take a dump on the back of her head.
My girlfriend was screaming too loudly during sex and waking the neighbors, so I had to Charlie Brown her. We are no longer together.
by MexicanJester May 22, 2008
Your fingers. Taken from the word "dexterity," which means skillful facility with the hands and feet.
Dude, I just smashed my dex in the car door. You have chubby dex, weirdo. Why are your dex all covered in shit?
by mexicanjester August 21, 2009

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