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Stiddles is a word formed from the abbreviation STDs. Called Stiddles (or Stids) due to the similarity in letters and sound if spoken.
Daniel: I think Morgan gave me Stids.

Kevin: Nope, sorry I'm the one who gave you Stiddles, haha sorry bro!
#stds #sex #diseases #fail #intercourse
by MexiSupreme October 19, 2011
When one is attached to the act of dancing the Shuffle, thinks about Shuffling, Shuffles all the time until they act like a Zombie unless the be Shufflin', and is addicted to the song "Party Rock" by "LMFAO"
Kevin: DUDE!! Have you seen Nathan lately? All he's been doing is dancing! He's a freakin' Shuffle Zombie now!

Kyle: Shuffle Zombies are taking over the world.

Kogi: K.
#shuffle #zombie #lmfao #party rock #dance
by MexiSupreme October 19, 2011
Originally derived from kk, the shortened version of the abbreviation Ok, and Ok was shortened from the word Okay, which was shortened from Ol' Korrect. Being called Kake occurs from slight resemblance in sound of saying Kk normally as in conversation, through text messaging or in person, at a later point was altered to become the actual word, Kake. Occasionally replaces the word Cake. Another use is to ignore someone but still say something to get them off your back.
Kevin: Hey, don't turn on the TV yet, it's still busted.
Cody: Kake.
#ol' korrect #okay #ok #kk #cake #cheesekake
by MexiSupreme October 15, 2011
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