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A amazing, beautiful, loving, wonderful, caring, talented, and smart girl. She dates tall Hispanic guys with Brown hair and Blue eyes. She absolutely loves her boyfriend Jus like he loves her. She loves Gummy Worms too! ^.^ She is a beautiful girl and has to be loved by everyone. She means the world to her boyfriend and he wants her to know He LOVES her. She has a lot of friends she jus don't know it. She has haters but hell who doesn't? She's also a amazing kisser! She's got a great taste in music and is legit! ^.^
Boyfriend: Marry me!? ^.^

Aubrey: Yes!!! ^.^
#beautiful #amazing #wonderful #loving #caring
by MexiBoy March 23, 2013
Kendra is a slut who Cheats on people and Acts like a 6 year old. She wears to much make up. Is Fake a'f and talks A LOT of shit. She never Passes Sucking a DICK! She dresses like a whore.. She always talks dirty to people. And she cannot stay to one man.(She Fuckin cheats on you with guys off Xbox that she doesn't even know. And people she does know) She looks like a raccoon (The Makeup) And she says these three words like "Hello" they are "I Love You" So Uhm yeah add this whore :D

-Sincerely, A Pissed Off Ex
Delete the Spaces :D

https :// www. facebook .com /kendra.mumper?ref=ts&fref=ts
#slut #whore #bitch #cheater #cum-guzzler
by MexiBoy March 23, 2013
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