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3 definitions by MeuwMeuw

A kitty that closely resembles a bat. Kitty bats are very sweet and loyal, and love to play and cuddle. When happy, kitty bats say 'meuw'.
Awww look at that kitty bat, can I take her home with me?
by MeuwMeuw November 16, 2009
A bat that partially resembles a cat. It is normally very cute, although it can get crazy and irrational at times. When happy, batty cats say 'meuw'.
Aww look at that furry little batty kat! You can pet him, but keep your distance in case batty kat goes crazy again!
by MeuwMeuw November 16, 2009
the sound a kitty bat or batty kat makes when they're happy
Hello you cute little kitty bat!!!

Kitty Bat: Meuw... meuw... meuw...
by MeuwMeuw November 16, 2009