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Pronounciation: Meh-trop-oll-is

The home of the DC Comics superhero, Superman. Also a real place (I would know, I live there) located in Illinois. Each year Metropolis hosts the Annual Superman Celebration, in which festivities consisting of Carnival Rides, Celebrity Appearances, and contests are held.

Fun fact: Metropolis's grocery store, Big John, has a statue that is bigger than the Superman Statue.

Metropolis is also home to the Hollywood Americana Museum, The Pony Strip Club, and Harrah's Casino.
Nerd: Hey Dad, can we please visit Metropolis on vacation this year?

Dad: Why would you want to go there, son? Metropolis is lame.

Nerd (now crying): How would you know?

Dad: I've been there.
by Metro Supergirl July 31, 2011

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