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Both a town and a college in Northeast Ohio in Lorain County founded by two Presbyterian ministers, John Jay Shipherd, and his student, Philo P. Stewart. It is named for John Frederick Oberlin, an Alsatian minister.
The college is particularly celebrated for its conservatory and its activist student body.
Significant events in the town's history include the Wellington Rescue.
Tappan Square is a park in Oberlin.
by Metoikos May 28, 2005
A suburb of Boston bordering on Brighton and Newton founded in 1705 while much of the area was still farmland.
It is slightly more upscale than Brighton (which is a favorite of students) although many students and younger people do live there, and unlike many other places in the Boston area, there is ample parking.
For more information, check the <a href="http://www.town.brookline.ma.us/">Town of Brookline</a> webpage.
They've got really nice place in Brookline.
by Metoikos May 28, 2005
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