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2 definitions by Methodangel

It's a derivative of "Less than Three" or <3.

Literally, it is: <3.14159265

It can be used when letting someone else know that you heart them, with a special geeky twist.
Wow, I less than Pi you! Nobody <3.14159265es you more than me!
by Methodangel December 31, 2009
Heil Christmas means to have a Victorious Christmas. Due to the intermixing of German with the word Christmas, it has a (somewhat negative) double meaning.
Me: Heil Christmas!
Someone else: Whoa that's some interesting wordplay, Jesus was a Jew, and you know what those Germans did with those ovens and showers.
Me: I spread Christmas cheer wherever I go!
by methodangel December 20, 2009