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One who slashes or scratches parts of there body (typically arms, or inner thighs) usually due to depression, self hatred, or in the worst case, an image. It is a serious problem, and it angers me to see people doing it because they think its cool or want to have some emo image. They need better ways to get attention, and are making it difficult to see the difference between a person with problems, or an attention seeker. People get picked on and bullied and called names, because of those attention seeking twats who think they're cool, because nobody can tell if a person is actually depressed or putting on an act. THANKS A LOT EMO POSERS! A common thing someone does when they want to get noticed, is they dont cover it up, or force it in peoples faces. If you see one of these people, tell them to get a life and stop fucking around. If someone does put a genuine effort in to cover cuts up, they probably have a real problem, and shouldn't be picked on.

And for fuck sake, PLEASE resist from becoming and emo poser, JUST BE YOURSELF!
Emo Cutter Poser: Hey, look at what i did last night, pretty deep huh? (shows cuts on arms)
Stranger that doesnt care: Look dude, you shouldnt do that shit, and if you do, don't shove it in my face, i dont care about you and your stupid emo charade.
Emo Cutter Poser: You just don't appreciate my pain. Its people like you who make us emo
Stranger who doesnt care: DUDE! You dont even know what you're talking about! UGH *walks off*
Emo Cutter Poser: I am so DEEP. So sick of those shallows fools.
by MetalheadRosie June 18, 2008
Often associated with gothic, but a fake cheap demeaning version. Something that annoys everyone that isnt emo. Something thick people take up to fit in, much like cigarettes. Started off as a music genre, went out of control. Someone who calls themself emo immediately degrades themself. A phase. Ruining the world. Has anyone noticed that you cant do anything without someone calling you emo? Like now if you dye your hair black, paint nails black, be alone for a while, dont smile often, or wear a bit more black than the average person, YOU ARE EMO. It is very frustrating for people who did these things BEFORE emo even became this epidemic, like me, because they put effort in to be something they are not, but i do it naturally and people think im trying to be emo. I get called emo all the time, but the people who call me it are stupid idiots that are only making the crisis worse. You know what? People call NAPOLEON DYNAMITE emo! THAT IS INSANE!!!!!! Like WTF?!?!?! Its napoleon dynamite for fuck sake! You know what else? The rolling stones got called emo! ACDC got called emo! Judas priest got called emo! Its so hard these days for people to tell whether someone is a tryhard emo poser or not. I HATE EMO. You should hate emo. It is destroying teenagers and uniquity. It cheapens everything. It demeans everything. Its so SIMPLE. Do you want to be SIMPLE? Do you want to be BORING? Do you want people to roll their eyes everytime you are mentioned? If not, then please resist from being emo. The only person that can stop it before it gets out of contol, is you. Think about it.

One way an emo is created:

girl: that boy over there has long black hair that covers his face. He wears nail polish. He wears make up. WOW he is so in touch with his feminine side. He is so unique! Im gonna go ask him out.
*girl walks up to emo poser cock boy*
emo poser cock boy: What do you want? To steal my soul with your vulgar bullying? ...even know i dont know what that means.
girl: no i want you, your so... different.
emo poser cock boy: okay but only if you become emo and cut yourself. Only then wil i let into my blackened soul
girl: okay i have to go now and follow emo stereotypes. bye
emo poser cock boy: bye...
*girl walks off*
emo poser cock boy: wow girls really like this emo thing. I better be more emo and follow even more strerotypes!

This is just one of the many ways this stupid disease spreads and gets worse.

by MetalheadRosie July 10, 2008

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