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1)A person who enjoy eating dead people.
2)Ass-kicking Technical Death Metal band from Germany.
1)Bury Jose Fernando because Jossie is a necrophagist and he may eat it!
2)I was doubtful when I bought Necrophagist last album,but when I listened to that,it totally blew me away!!!
by MetalNewbie November 18, 2004
A kick-ass Technical Progressive Power Metal band from Florida,formed by Death's vocalist/guitarist,Chuck Schuldiner(R.I.P.) and many other talented musicians such as Steve DiGiorgio and Richard Christy.
"Man,that Control Denied album kicked my ass with their serious music."
by MetalNewbie November 15, 2004
A word invented by Jose(he wanted to say burundanga but he talks too fast)...trying to be the coolest shit.
*something funny occurs*
....15 seconds later....
by MetalNewbie October 28, 2004
1)A show that used to make the shittiest jokes you can imagine.
2)Used to make fun of people that makes stupid jokes.
1)We will pretend to be cops and make her crap on her pants!!!
2)Angel D.:There were 100 hobbits.One of them found a magic lamp so he rubbed it.A genie appeared and told them he would grand them 1 wish.Each one wished to be a full grown human,except for the last one that wished that each one of them were a hobbit again. LOLOLOLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'D
by MetalNewbie October 28, 2004
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