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Clothes, food, and gas that is given as a birthday gift. Being able to live off the gifts instead of gainful employment.
He is living off his birthday welfare today. He went to Mickey D's with his mickey money, dunks with his gift card and carted his own ass around using the gas card from Grammy.
by MetalGuru March 10, 2009
The act of consuming alcohol, typically from a shot glass, via the anus.
She was having a blast doing bum shots on the bar until she pooted and sprayed the bartender with 151.
by MetalGuru November 06, 2007
A very short skirt, really close to the crotch.
A duck skirt is a skirt so short you can almost see her quack.
by MetalGuru February 11, 2007
Punishing someone, usually a teenager, by depriving them of brand name items and buying generic or store brand items instead.
My Mom bought me 'Juicy Magic' instead of 'Juicy Juice' and 'chocolate cremes' instead of Oreo's because I have been such an ass to her. She is such a bitch with her brand punishment.
by MetalGuru April 05, 2009
The crusty booger like substance found in your eyes when you wake up.
I left my contacts in last night when I fell asleep. I have been picking out the opti-snot for the past hour.
by MetalGuru May 29, 2009
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