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An old school term used to describe the condition AIDS. now generally has the ''the'' prefixing the term removed, in favour of simply ''AIDS''.

Not to be confused with:
The Visual Aids
The Audio Aids
''God damn, Alex screwed that skanky chick the other night and he think he's caught a mean dose of The Aids''.

''Don't share those needles... don't want to catch The Aids''
by metal meltdown May 29, 2006
A slang term used to describe the act of self pleasure, often used by young males who have recently discovered the delights of the wrist manual or bongo mag.

Also, a dolphin named Flug.
"Shit, last night I cleaned the pipes summit chronic... I flug the dolphin everynight till my tally whacker is red raw!"

Alex, everyday at 2pm retires to the toilet for his afternoon hand shandy. he loves to flug the dolphin so much so that I'm worried for him loosing his sight and becoming a hunchback... the randy mofo!
by Metal Meltdown August 31, 2006
To get drunk on alcoholic beverages. generally requires an extremely large ammount of alcohol to attain true residence in wrecksville tennesse.

Works extremely well if you raise the pitch of your voise when saying ''tennesse'' and adopt a Michael Jackson(esque) ''hee hee'' in your voice.
PERSON 1: ''Hey, what you doing tonight?''
PERSON 2: ''I'm getting fucked up''
PERSON 3: ''I'm pretty tipsy like..''
PERSON 2: ''I've bipassed tipsy and i'm on a way trip to wrecksville tennesse!''
by metal meltdown May 29, 2006
North Eastern slang from the UK used to describe... Pants, Underwear, Boxers, Whiteys, Briefs, Knickers etc.
I told 'wor lass to get her fat arse upstairs and get her hoggers down cos' the time was right and me cock was stiff...

The turtles' gettin' curious, I think I'm gonna shit me hoggers...

Sometimes my mate goes three days without changing his keks, the filthy buggers' hoggers must stink like a lady of the nights' scooch...
by metal meltdown September 02, 2006

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