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Great Metalcore band. Signed by Trustkill Records in the USA. Currently touring the US. Their lyrics do have an emo side. They however, are NOT emo. And the people who listen to them are definitely NOT emo. Go to their concert, look and see. I saw 1 fat goth guy. No emos. The rest were crazed highschool metalheads.
BFMV Fan: *listening to music*

Asshole: What ya listening to?

BFMV Fan: Bullet for My Valentine

Asshole: Go cut urself emo child.

BFMV Fan: *beats the living shit out of the asshole*

Asshole: *cries in corner*

BFMV Fan: Who's the emo now bitch!?

Asshole: *Takes a gun to his head*
by Metal Head 555, not 666 June 03, 2007

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