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3 definitions by Metal Fingerz

verb: To have a one night stand with. Also known as a one hitter quitter.
1) E: Randy said he was going to snipe that chick he met tonight.


2) A: Why haven't you called me back since that night?

R: Get sniped bitch.
by Metal Fingerz June 22, 2009
51 19
(noun) A shy person.

Background: Koi is a homonym with coy, which means shy.
E: Don't be koi fish now. Call me sometime baby.
by metal fingerz June 26, 2009
28 7
The act of cumming in your hand and splatting it on someone else, most notably the forehead or back, all the while shouting out 'atoooommmmmmmmmm BOMB!'.
1) That bitch pissed me off so I went to the bathroom and jerked off in my hand, and gave her an atom bomb.
by metal fingerz April 10, 2009
45 32