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A Term givin to those who are themselves who do not fall under steretypes. Used mainly by the white community as a result to there superiority complex. Believing that they are so good that other races want to be just like them

A person who wants to be white, or a sell out
White boy: "Dude, your style and personality is so white-wash. You don't even listen to rap."

Black boy:"'dude'jazz, blues, and funk are real 'black' music you idiot."
by Metal Discharge March 06, 2006
A Largly over-rated guitarist who relied on special effects and Over recording. His Genaric and simple guitar riffs made the half thrash band pantera who infact, changed there hair metal sound to sound more like a more thrashyer band Exhorder. Dimebag's style and songwriting relied mainly on the studio with his over recording, thus, preventing the whole band to shine due to his ego
Pantera fan: Man did you hear dimebag Darrell's guitar solo for "cowboys from hell" its so0o fast

other metalhead: man you wanna hear fast you gotta listen to some Sadus.

Pantera fan: whos that?

An Under-rated thrash band
by Metal Discharge March 06, 2006
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