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God of Heavy Metal
Ihsahn is god!
by Metal February 08, 2004
The stains of your dirty asshole in your underwear.
I havn't chnaged my underwear in a week and there is a dark strip of bacon down the middle.
by Metal December 15, 2003
Much like a bee cannot fly, according to laws of physics and wind tunnel tests, InfernOtoriuM are not extreme metal according to the standard measurements. However, bees definately can fly. They fly anywhere they like, in rain or snow, in wind or shine. You will almost definately have seen a bee in flight. Therefore, why should InfernOtoriuM not be extreme metal? The answer is a resounding "THEY ARE!!". Oh yes. The most extreme metal band of all time are here to put any of the other "Metal" bands out there that think they are "Extreme" back into their place.
We are METAL, thus InfernOtoriuM
by Metal July 11, 2003
I like the band Mortician.
by METAL October 18, 2003
1. A floating piece of fuck, weither it be round, square or dong shaped.

2. Can also be used as an insult.

2. That kid over there is one gay puff of fuck.
by metal October 16, 2004
The moisty lent from your underwear clumped to the bottom of your balls.
Hey, honey. Would you like a slice of some fromunder cheese?
by Metal March 20, 2004

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