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5 definitions by MessyEssie

An ignorant, fatherless, piece of shit - bastardfuck
Tom Cruise is a bastardfuck.
by MessyEssie October 27, 2007
A person/animal who steps in shit often, thus rendering his/her toes shitty.
25% of all rednecks are "toeshits". There has yet to be a conclusive study as to exactly how many dogs are toeshits, but many are
by MessyEssie October 27, 2007
When ones cock is so big, that once inserted into a vagine, it leaves no room for anything else, not even air! The insertion causes mass and rapid evacuation of all the air, resulting in a somewhat awkward sound (a pussy evacuation)
"I swear, I didn't fart.. "
"Yeah I know... Puss-E-vac (pussyvac) :)"
by MessyEssie February 05, 2010
To be hit, via a poke, punch, kick or shot, directly in the asshole, causing severe discomfort. Can be pronounced - "boink-hole", but if you want more character, combine the k and h - "kh" giving it a slight horking sound.
chris crocker gave me a boinkhole.
by MessyEssie October 27, 2007
When you get so much money, so fast, that you have to weigh it, otherwise it would take too long to count
I got me some weighmoney!! No I don't, but Sir Richard Branson sure does!
by MessyEssie October 27, 2007