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The souce of all nastiness in our urban society and the ultimate bringer of STANK! WILL is the very cause of the holes in the O-Zone layer where ever this pile of human waste has visited brought about the apocalypse. Often refered to as a genderless abomination or simply "IT" this pimp on satan's ass is the fifth houremen of doom known as the horemen of smells. Anyone who happends to witness his excistance will feel degraded with highier self-esteem but worried about being seen with "IT" in public.

"IT" is know best for smell but also for "ITs" inability to asscess interaction with the females of our species.

The only known holy way to defeat this THING is to actually clean it with MANY CLEANING PRODUCTS!!! To kill this beast you most make sure not to cut or set it ablaze on earth for it's fumes would cause the second black plague. To properly dispose of this menice is to send "IT" into the sun for proper burning and GOD's divine judgment for this waste of time/life. "IT" can also be a reference to taking a crap of the worst kind....
"MAN! I just took a HUGE WILL! My toilet is still broken from last week!'

"My excuse for sucking so HARD is that I'm just fucking around, MUTHERFOUCKER!"

"Quick "IT" aprouches us hides the women and childern while bringing the crosses we need to exorcist this FREAK OF GOD!"

"Mes room, womens room, WILLs room....."

"I've walked ten miles and still didn't get laid, wWHAT NOW MUTHERFOUCKER!!!"
by Messager of all Cleniness August 12, 2009

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