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2 definitions by Mertt

(noun) a variant of the bdunkle (which is itself a variant of the blumpkin) involving sitting on a bidet for anal cleansing while simultaneously receiving fellatio from one's uncle.
After a bdunkle, it is customary in incestuous societies to perform a bidunkle.
by Mertt May 17, 2008
A description for a place or event that is full of dudes (i.e. occupied by cocks).

brodeo, sausage fest, meat convention- these are all places/events that would be described as cockupied.
Derd 1: "Hey, let's go try to get some girls to touch our wieners!"

Derd 2: "Ok, but we're not going to Squirrel's house again. It's useless. That dude's parties are always just cockupied."
by Mertt February 04, 2009