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The act of using JB Weld on something that deserves a REAL weld (i.e. TIG or MIG). The result is a "Nigger Rigged" fix.
Steve - I've got a crack in my intake manifold and I need to repair it.

Joel - Why don't you MIG weld it?
Steve - It's aluminum, and I'm a bit unsure about using a MIG on aluminum. I don't know anybody who has a TIG welder either.
Joel - Why don't you NIG weld it (hands him a couple tubes of JB weld).
by MerkXRTurbo June 24, 2008
Fucking Pissed Myself Lauging
"FPMSL. He just said that his Honda could beat my Merkur!"
by MerkXRTurbo March 04, 2005
Sores on one's genitals from excessive and/or vigorous masturbation. A play on words from the more commonly known canker sore.
Why are you walking funny?

I stayed up all night masturbating and the wanker sores are killing me!
by MerkXRTurbo February 26, 2011
Similar to an Upper Decker, except you 1st lay a turd on the toilet bow lid. You then remove the lid from the upper tank and rapidly fling the toilet bowl lid into the open position, catapulting the turd into the upper tank. This is worse than an upper decker, because not only does the owner have a turd to fish out of the tank, but they also have a lid that requires cleaning as well.
Q: Why is their poo on the toilet lid?

A: Damn it, someone hit a ground rule double before they left our party!
by MerkXRTurbo April 15, 2011
When a female presses her genitalia against a window, to be viewed by onlookers on the other side. The female version of the 'pressed fruit bowl'.
Dude, you should have seen it. All the girls in the next car were flashing us, but Christy wanted to one-up them all, so she totally brought out the steamed clam!
by MerkXRTurbo April 12, 2008
Antique Bronze Metallic - A rare automotive paint color found only on the 1989 Merkur Scorpio, and even less commonly on the 1989 Merkur XR4Ti
Man, that ABM Merkur XR4Ti is FAST!!!
by MerkXRTurbo September 22, 2005

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