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In 2006, Rapcat was rocketed to worldwide fame with his appearance in the now-famous Checkers/Rally’s TV commercial.

The most skilled cat-rapper on the scene today – and some say, the most skilled rapper of any species.

Rapcat’s got a flow that cannot be matched, honed in the streets and alleys of his hometown, Jersey City. In the tradition of the greatest East Coast rappers, Rapcat writes all his own lyrics.

Almost since he was a kitten, Rapcat was hustling his mixtapes on the street and in the parking lot of Checkers, his favorite hangout. His underground cred, already strong, skyrocketed when he got sent off to the St. Louis Home for Delinquent Felines, for the “crime” of dealing catnip. (Which is legal, but we all know no jury’s gonna give a cat a fair trial.)

While in “The Cage,” Rapcat perfected a tougher rhyme style. Once a week he’d squeeze through the bars and sneak over to Rally’s. He would bring some burgers back for himself, and some to trade with the other cats for balls of yarn and recording equipment.

By the time he got out for good behavior, Rapcat’s first full-length album was complete. His tales of hard livin’ on the streets form the core of “Look What I Dragged In,” already a bootleg classic.
Rapcat's new single just dropped, that shit is bumpin!
by Meredith (Miss M) March 15, 2007
A homosexual man or drag queen who is at the gay bar/clubs on every possible occasion and believes that his popularity at the gay bar somehow gives him social status. The Gay Bar Super Star usually holds a meaningless, low wage job during the day, such as a convenience store clerk or McDonald's drive through attendant.

Frank is such a bitch! She ain't nothing but a Gay Bar Super Star!

Travis acts like such a Gay Bar Super Star, but we all know that hooker works at the gas station during the day.

Shelita Buffet is a Gay Bar Super Star, but we all know she's selling her ass in the bathroom after the drag show!
by Meredith (Miss M) September 29, 2006
A very small, short Mexican Man. He appears to be 14 years old, but is actually 21 or older. He also speaks and understands very little english.

Interesting Facts about The Pocket Mexican:
1. Enjoys the company of drunk plus size and extremely tall women, which makes him look even smaller than he is in reality.
2. Follows these women around night clubs hoping that they will eventually get so drunk that they will need a ride home. The Pocket Mexican can then pounce on the drunken women, providing him with the sexual pleasure he has been denied by women his own size.
3. Mating rituals resemble a small Chihuahua humping a NFL player's leg.
1. Hey, that Pocket Mexican bought me 3 shots of Tequila, I think he's trying to fuck me.
2. Have you seen that Pocket Mexican following Megan around?
3. Pedro is my Pocket Mexican, he doesn't mind that I'm 6'4" and he is 5'3".
by Meredith (Miss M) August 10, 2006
Going to most or all of your friends pages in one session, leaving them comments. It is an attempt to spread the comment wealth evenly.
"You haven't left me a comment in forever!"

"I know, I havent done myspace rounds in a few weeks."
by Meredith (Miss M) December 07, 2006
An unoriginal myspacer that repeats/copies names, quotes, etc. from another's page. This is usually an attempt done to try to annoy the other person, but rarely works.

Is a source of amusement to the party that is being copied, due to the fact that they know the Myspace Parrot is hanging on their every word. The Myspace Parrot views their page compulsively and obsesses about them and what they are saying, desperately trying to get involved in the other person's world.

The Myspace Parrot usually develops due to jealousy or previous rejection from the other person. This is typical of Ex girlfriends or boyfriends, baby's mamas, or middleschool/highschool students with a lack of substance in their own reality. This is the last ditch effort, because the person they are "parroting" have lost all interest in them.

Also see: Myspace Stalker, Myspace Loser and couragedotcom
Mer: Everytime I write a new myspace quote my boyfriend's baby's mama changes her name to reflect what I wrote.

Meg: What a myspace parrot! I guess it's not very busy at Fantastic Freds today.

Mer: I know, she is obsessed with me and him. I think she is still pissed that he dumped her ass.
by Meredith (Miss M) December 04, 2006
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