47 definitions by Meredith

an awsum creature w/ wings and is better than spawns of satans!
meredith C.!
by meredith July 28, 2003
an acronym for someone who is a damn sexy bitch. can also be used to abbreviate the sorority Delta Sigma Beta
Guys go to clubs hoping to hook up with a DSB.
by Meredith April 26, 2005
Another word or nickname for PUSSY duh
Beyonces pussy
by Meredith April 22, 2004
is the hottest most skater kid i know!
ilike kolby's skater ways.
by meredith April 11, 2005

Natrual Female Lubricant of a distinguishable quantity, either detected real-time about the generating orifice, or at a later time in the dried form.
"she goofed all over the bed spread"
by Meredith July 15, 2003
Needles and Pins is a song by The Ramones!Also they are sharp objects!
Needles & PIns are sharp!
by meredith April 12, 2005
adorable, dorky, and in love, all at one time.
Justin said Meredith was so adorkable.
by Meredith October 20, 2004

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