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While splitting a check when out with a group, paying the whole tab with your credit card and taking everyone else's cash instead of going to the ATM.
I'm kind of low on cash, anyone mind if I do some table banking?
by Mercy March 22, 2006
The male version of badonkadonk; a guy with a big ass and thighs. Originally used by Tim McCarver to describe a power pitcher during a baseball broadcast, now useful to point out a bhm with the junk in the trunk to go deep.
The Dodgers' Jonathan Broxton throws hard; he has a lot of drop and drive.

Look at that foine man over there!

Yeah, girl, he got a little drop and drive.
by Mercy April 10, 2010
Someone attractive you don't know yet; or, a descriptor for someone attractive. Alternative of who dat d.3.
Ooh, girl, that guy at the bar is such a hudat!

You'd like him, he's a total hudat.
by Mercy October 27, 2007
Weather term: a period of sunshine between rainstorms long enough for you to go outside and get caught in the next shower.
I thought it was going to be nice, so I went out, but it turned out to be a sucker hole and I was drenched by the time I got home.
by Mercy March 22, 2006
Circular pattern of chest hair around the nipples on a dark-haired white guy. Usually when the chest hair is only around the nipples. Named for the way it resembles a panda's dark eyespots on a white background.
The first time I saw Will Clark topless, all I could think was "Jaysus, he's got some serious panda nipples!"
by Mercy March 08, 2006

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