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An internet meme that began as a simple website with a countdown to 12:AM EST July 1st, 2006. In general determined to be an ARG], interest in the site was fueled by alternate speculation, such as the possiblity of a terrorist site, an in-depth advertisement, or even the worlds most elaborate screamer].

As the numbers counted down, the site was pummeled by traffic, and discussion raged at sites like YTMND] and GameFAQs]. When the timer finally hit 0, the people able to actually get through the traffic saw that the site was a social experiment, designed to "determine the reactions of the internet public to lack of information."

The page contained a concise FAQ and a link to a final message, an mp3] containing Monty Python]s "Always look on the bright side of life."
(Following text from eon8.com/deployed21b.php)

We were amazed to discover that the site was instantly linked with terrorism, simply for the fact that it seems mysterious. Evil was the number one first impression people had of the site, in spite of the fact that there are no threats on the site. The only thing Eon 8 says is "We don't want you here". Nothing else.
Other less disappointing opinions were social experimentation (which was correct), James Bond movie viral marketing, and promotions for video games.
For many people, being faced with a countdown timer was an instant reason to try to shut down or hack the site. This is a worrying reaction, that if someone doesn't understand something they must destroy it. As a result, the servers have been hit quite hard these last few days, but luckily 99% of the 'hackers' could easily be described as 'l4me n00bs'.
Another worrying example of paranoia was how quickly people would jump to conclusions, such as telephoning the registered owner of a dog seen in a photograph on a server that hosts a page that links to eon8.
by Mercury1 June 30, 2006
What a prostitute does, selling sex for money or drugs. The trick is the job, where a john pays for sex.
Where's Lane?
Down on Clay St. turning tricks again.
by Mercury1 October 16, 2005
Derogatory slang for "gay". See fudge-packer or ass bandit.
Someone told me Bruce was a backdoor conquistador.

The Giants are a bunch of backdoor conquistadors.
by Mercury1 July 18, 2005
Molotov Cocktail
-An incendiary device that consists of a glass bottle, a flammable liquid, and a soaked rag
See Incendiary

It is made quickly and easily with household materials

The bottle is filled with the liquid (usually gasoline) and the rag is soaked in the liquid
The rag is then used as a fuse that ignites the liquid
When the rag is lit the bottle is thrown by user; the bottle then breaks upon impact; the liquid then spreads and ignites instantly, creating a large fireball (depending on liquid)

Molotov cocktails can be used to attack buildings, cars, and personnel and are extremely dangerous on the receiving end
A molotov cocktail was thrown into the house which burned down earlier

(borrowed from author GBowski)
DJ committed arson with some greek fire.
by Mercury1 December 16, 2005

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