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2 definitions by Mercury Mike

Scottish urban phrase used to describe the tangiable value of Barrs glass juice bottles as an object of currency. 'Gless' being a lazy usage of the noun glass.
Its awright I'll get the fags and bru wi' them gless cheques
by Mercury Mike July 07, 2006
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In Scotland Barrs drinks; examples include Irn Bru, Limeade, Red Kola and American Cream Soda, are available in glass bottles with a returnable deposit of 20p. Bottle kings will return these 'gless cheques' enmasse to the nightly 'icey' and exchnge them for fags or drugs. when spotted generally greeted to a chorus of 'ching ching bottle king' - an onomatopoeic depicting the noise of glass bottle knocking together while the inebriate carries them to the van.
There goes that jakey bottle king
by Mercury Mike July 07, 2006
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