35 definitions by Mercunium

The second worst place in the world (see Dudley)
Person 1: I'm from Wolverhampton.
Person 2: At least you're not from Dudley.
by mercunium September 20, 2003
Small brown nuggets of faeces that fall out of one's anus.

See bum nuggets
Ian keeps picking bum bogeys out of his arse and flicking them at Simon.
by mercunium November 24, 2003
Short for vaginal discharge.
Look at that dirty whore over there leaking vag dis all over the floor.
by mercunium November 16, 2003
A term for a sexually transmitted infection - cf. nobrot
Jim's got scrotrot again
by Mercunium August 13, 2003
Indian food usually comes served with a liberal portion of man paste
by mercunium November 11, 2003
The toilet. See pisser
Where's the pisspot?
by Mercunium September 04, 2003
to be overcharged; ripped-off. Referring to money.
I got completely wankered the other night, got a cab home and the bastard driver bumraped me of £15.
by Mercunium September 04, 2003

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