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Literally, to move something from a distance (tele meaning from a distance, kenesis meaning motion).
I have the power of telekenesis, so i threw a car at my sister.

I pushed a ball with a stick which, by defintion, is telekenesis.
by mercethemerciless September 30, 2009
For procrastinating smokers, it is when a person declares they will quit after the pack in their hand is gone, thus postponing the commitment to a later time. Usually results in another quitting pack.
Man: I think i am going to quit smoking finally.

Other man: Well then step one is to get rid of those smokes in your hand.

Man: Nah, this is my quitting pack. It will be easier than cold turkey.
by Mercethemerciless June 29, 2010
when smoking an indica weed that leaves you feeling tempted to not move from a couch/bed with the exception of grabbing munchies.
Stoner 1: Hey man, you wanna go play hacky sack or something?

Stoner 2; No man, i just smoked some real couch grabber. Hey grab me some chips, would ya?
by mercethemerciless February 09, 2010
Having to do with motion.
If you kick a ball, the ball has kenetic energy until it stops.
by mercethemerciless September 30, 2009
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