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a woman who likes to date men older than her, usually by about 10 years, or more depending on the woman. Also the opposite of a cougar.
These are all well-known kittens:
1.)the girls next door (gags)
2.)Katherine zeta-jones
3.)Calista Flockhart
4.)Evan rachael wood (shudder)

by Mercedes Bends December 24, 2007
when a guy doesn't have the balls, to ask a girl out, break up with her, or pretty much do anything that requires balls. Hence, Ball Missing Syndrome. Could also be linked to words such as, loser, and pussy.
Ah, girl that gansta be lookin' so fine! Wait, never mind, I heard he got the B.M.S.
by Mercedes Bends June 12, 2007
when you see a guy and you've never actually met him but you get the strong sense that he is a complete douche bag.
Kevin Federline, radiates major douche vibes, need I provide further examples?
by Mercedes Bends March 13, 2008
squeezing the tomato was a term I heard in a song that remixed the macarena, with the word masterbater, in the original's stead. Squeezing the tomato is a term that means materbate, I'm not quite sure if it is just male, or females can use this slang as well.
yo, man, so I was watching porn last night, holy crap! I was squeezing the tomato before I realized it was two dudes! Does that make me gay?
by Mercedes Bends May 26, 2007
A washed up chick who feels that the only way she will get any public attention, would be to pose naked for some completely unrelated reason, like uhh...say animal rights? Newsflash to all you attention-seeking sluts, you posing naked is not going to stop anyone from eating meat!
PETA whore: "Because I show you my beaver, that means that you won't eat chicken right?"

by Mercedes Bends October 01, 2007
when you are walking through semi-stable snow, usually at least two feet deep, and one foot keeps falling through the snow and the other leg remains stable. thus you appear to be walking on a peg leg and it's rather amusing.
my boyfriend kept laughing at me as I was peglegging through the snow, but then he slipped on the ice and fell...good times...
by Mercedes Bends January 04, 2008
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