12 definitions by Mercedes

The act of speaking in a cryptic manner.
He needs to stop speaking in cryptics.
by Mercedes August 06, 2004
a person who is mindlessly and hopelessly and furhtermore incorrigably addicted to media, particularly that of video games
we are married. we live together. all ive seen of you in the past month is the back of your head and your thumbs moving like convulsions on that controller... honey... i think you are a vidiot...
by mercedes April 23, 2004
A person.Mainly male. Owning a display of screwed teeth.
"His face looks like a busted-up Jack-o-Lantern!"
by Mercedes February 13, 2004
solid and stable by nature yet cosmetially shabby and undesirable
my first car was pretty low teir...
by mercedes April 23, 2004
Penny;a girl who is the opposite of a dime. Ugly. Scored a 1 on the 1-10 scale
Damn...that girl aint no dime piece..she be a penny
by Mercedes April 18, 2005

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