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A person who takes actions for himself and not for others. He chooses to trust himself, have few friends, be self-independent, and prefers not to believe in faith, family, money, society, and popular culture. He highly values honor, merit, integrity, intelligence, and self-righteousness. He is not afraid to take risks, become hypocritical to his own self, make "the ends justify the means", betray his own people and nations, and usually has nothing to lose. Also prefers to associate himself with words like radical, renegade, and revolution.

See radical.

See renegade.

See revolution.
Me: Don't get me wrong here, I'll go out there and fight for my "dear little nation", but be rest assured that I will forever be a mercenary than a patriot.
by Merc Julian August 08, 2004
A quality that describes a person with radical thoughts and ideas. Radical, as in an extremist, rebellious, and revolutionary kind of way.

It can't really be used in a sentence, because it may not sound right, but hey, it's better than radicalness.

See radical.
The leader rallies up his men with his mountainous voice, his left fist raised up high, his own eyes burning with the fires of radicality that boil forth from within the recesses of his mind, his heart, and his soul.
by Merc Julian August 08, 2004
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