4 definitions by Merc Em'

Persian word for pimp; See Also def. of Amyn ...
Hamed and Amyn are Pimps. Word yo, word
by Merc Em' January 03, 2005
One who makes it out of the ghetto yet to remain ghetto, The qualities of R-Pac are in him.
Arya is a hookah monster yo. word yo, word.
by Merc Em' January 03, 2005
A confused individual with not only his sexuality but also his ethnicity.
See Also Defenition of : Chucka
Mohak doesnt know if he is gay/strait brown/white/black; but i think he is going to end up being white.
by Merc Em' January 04, 2005
mohak and sassan sitting in a tree F-U-C-K-I-N-G first comes a blow, then comes swallow, if you want to be a faggot these are the rules you should follow.
You say u got my back but nigga what is it good for,
You're a pussy ass faggot who's got an uncle that he cooks for.
by Merc Em' January 20, 2005

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