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The person ultimately responsible for the running of a bridge including making important decisions. Typically the highest level and highest paying job in the team.
Manager: Hi there gorgeous, I'm John and I am the bridge master of the largest suspension bridge in the country. Isn't that impressive! Now, can I buy you a drink?
by Mentirosa July 17, 2011
Someone who has a face covered in freckles, giving the appearance of a ripe banana skin.
Dave: God, Lindsay Lohan is so hot
Stuart: Ew! she's a banana face!
Dave: What do you mean?
Stuart: She's covered in freckles, you must have a Freckle fetish
by Mentirosa August 06, 2011
The time period within which it is still reasonable to expect condolences for the death of a relative.
Dave: My uncle Pete died 5 years ago today.
Andy: Yeah, do you want to go to the pub tonight?
Dave: What the fuck, I just told you that my uncle Pete died.
Andy: Yeah, and?
Dave: Well, aren't you going to say "I'm sorry"?
Andy: Fuck that, 5 years is way outside the condolences window!
by Mentirosa August 06, 2011

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