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(n.) Sorry, from Hebrew (סליחה). Also "excuse me."
Customer: Slicha, where is the bathroom?

Waiter: Down the stairs behind the picture of the Moses cat.
by Men A. Hem November 08, 2011
(v.) To take a word, sentence, or document and make it uniquely Annie's. When anniefied (v., past), diction is tighter and to the point. Anniefication (n.) can also turn dry text much betchier. To anniefy something is so ubiquitous a task that it does not take a capital A, unlike "Annie."
Before anniefication:

Did you watch the news last night? That long-form broadcast on colorectal cancer was an eye-opener.

After (anniefy/anniefied):
by Men A. Hem November 03, 2011
(n.) Not exactly sorry -- see slicha. In fact, it usually means that the guilty party isn't sorry at all. Used primarily by people who are too betchy for their own good.
Arik: Slicha, you've overcharged us by 200 shekels.

Shani: Oh. Slichon, my fault -- oops.
by Men A. Hem November 08, 2011
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