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adj: Pertaining to behavior in which feelings of affection are expressed in passive ways as, for example, by lacking warmth, dull kissing, limp hand-holding, non-aggressive sexual activity, or intentional inefficiency during intimacy.
The girl let him kiss her, but in a passive affectionate way.
by MemphisGuy September 07, 2010
Adj: An introverted personality. Not confident with others. Very quiet in social situations.
Ammy's boyfriend is a Keep To Himselfer.
by MemphisGuy September 23, 2010
1) The act of getting caught up watching YouTube, or other such video website, for hours on end.

2) Bouncing from one suggested video to another ad infinitum.
I stayed up all night watching cat videos because I was You-glued.
by MemphisGuy September 07, 2010
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