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An iceblock on a stick( like an icecream, but made of water not dairy)
Would you like a bite of my lemon flavored bijingo?
by Memories of Oz Oasis April 25, 2004
Comes from Tvlle Nth Queensland in the mid eighties.
Used to describe a girl/woman who slept around.
That Marsha, she a gunny. She slept with my boyfriend!
by Memories of Oz Oasis April 25, 2004
If you have been fooled/ or had one put over you,or had bad luck the person performing the trick, or passing on the news would say 'scunted'.
If it was a particularly good joke you might say 'scunted badly'
You were caught cheating on your girlfreind.
Your freind might say 'Scunted'

If you set someone up for a joke and they fell for it, when you told them it was you, you would say 'scunted badly'
by Memories of Oz Oasis April 25, 2004
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